[Working Documents] Observations Programme Area

WMO/TD-NO.1219, GCOS-92 Implementation Plan for the Global Observing System for Climate in Support of the UNFCC (23/06/2009)
WMO-No.259 WMO Sea-Ice Nomenclature, volumes I, II and III (04/02/2015)
This document provides snapshot of the WMO Sea Ice...
SPA_ETWS_verification201709 September 2017 (01/12/2017)
Wave forecast inter-comparison with in-situ data August...
SPA_ETWS_verification201701 January 2017 (27/03/2017)
Wave Forecast inter-comparison against in-situ observations...
PANGEA The Partnership for New GEOSS Applications (PANGEA) (23/11/2010)
The Partnership for new GEOSS Applications (PANGEA)...
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Netherlands Antilles, RMIC1-Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Morocco, RMIC1-Morocco Morocco (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Guatemala, RMIC1-Guatemala Guatemala (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_French West Indies, RMIC1-French West Indies French West Indies (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Costa Rica, RMIC1-Costa Rica Costa Rica (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_China, RMIC1-China China (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Canada, RMIC1-Canada Canada (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_Bahamas, RMIC1-Bahamas Bahamas (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_19, RMIC1-19 Data Dissemination (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_18, RMIC1-18 Wave Quality Control (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_17, RMIC1-17 Ocean Sensor Quality Control (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_16, RMIC1-16 Integration of various types of platforms into one (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_15, RMIC1-15 Data Quality Control (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_14, RMIC1-14 International Data Assembly Center (18/05/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_13, RMIC1-13 Operation and Maintenance of Marine Observing Systems #2 (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_12, RMIC1-12 Operation and Maintenance of Marine Observing Systems (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_11, RMIC1-11 Marine systems and instruments: Data acquisition, control, and logging systems (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_10, RMIC1-10 Marine systems and instruments: Communication systems (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_09, RMIC1-9 Marine systems and instruments: power systems (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_08, RMIC1-8 Marine systems and instruments: moorings (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_07, RMIC1-7 Marine systems and instruments: platforms (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_06, RMIC1-6 Support Systems for Marine Programmes, QA management, Change Management and logistics (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_05, RMIC1-5 Standards, Capabilities, and procedures for calibration and testing (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_04. RMIC1-4 General information and vocabulary used in marine instrumentation (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_03, RMIC1-3 Engineering, Operations, facility tour (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_02, RMIC1-2 JCOMM Pilot Project for WIGOS (27/04/2010)
OPA_WIGOS_meeting_RMIC01_01, RMIC1-1 WIS and WIGOS (27/04/2010)
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_INF4 Time table, SOT-V (04/03/2009)
Time table, SOT-V
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_INF2 Documentation plan, SOT-V (04/03/2009)
Documentation plan, SOT-V
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/5.1, SOT-V-Doc-IV-5.1 Partnerships and the integration of other programmes with the SOOP (07/04/2009)
This document is addressing how other programmes such...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/4.0, SOT-V-Doc- IV-4 Issues for the SOOP (08/05/2009)
This document provides information on potential future...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/3.0, SOT-V-Doc- IV-3 SOOP Monitoring and Data Management (22/04/2009)
This document provides for (i) a report by the JCOMM...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/2.6, SOT-V-Doc- IV-2.6 Report on the Argo programme (28/04/2009)
This document provides for an overview of the current,...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/2.0, SOT-V-Doc-IV-2 SOOP Programme Implementation (07/04/2009)
This document provides information in the SOOP Programme...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc04/1.1, SOT-V-Doc-IV-1.1 Report by the Chairperson of the SOOP Implementation Panel (SOOPIP) (08/04/2009)
This document includes the report by the SOOPIP Chairperson...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.5, SOT-V-Doc-III-4.5 Review of VOS Classes (22/04/2009)
This document provides information on existing VOS...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.4, SOT-V-Doc-III-4.4 Technology Challenges (07/04/2009)
This document is addressing technology challenges for...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.3, SOT-V-Doc-III-4.3 Proposed ship identification number for VOS (07/04/2009)
This document proposed the introduction of a unified...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.2,SOT-V-Doc- III-4.2 IMO- Report on WMO/IMO actions, progress on MSC circular and other relevant issues to the Team (22/04/2009)
This document provides information on activities undertaken...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/4.1, SOT-V-Doc-III-4.1 Report on the VOS Climate Project, status, results, and implications for the wider VOS (08/04/2009)
This document provides information on the status of...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.6, SOT-V-Doc-III-3.6 Report by the VOSClim Data Acquisition Centre (DAC) (07/04/2009)
This report, by the National Climatic Data Center (acting...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.5, SOT-V-Doc- III-3.5 Review of the Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme (MCSS) (22/04/2009)
This document provides a general review of the current...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.4, SOT-V-Doc-III-3.4 Global Collecting Centres (GCCs) report on the VOS and the VOSClim (07/04/2009)
This document presents the 2008 Global Collecting Centre...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.3, SOT-V-Doc-III-3.3 ASAP Quality Control monitoring reports (07/04/2009)
This document contains the report by (i) ECMWF on the...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/3.0, SOT-V-Doc-III-3 Monitoring and Data Management (RSMC and VOSClim RTMC reports) (07/04/2009)
This document provides information on the data quality...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5-Apx-D, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5-Apx-D Metadata and reporting tools, Appendix D (07/04/2009)
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5-Apx-C, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5-Apx-C Metadata and reporting tools, Appendix C (07/04/2009)
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5-Apx-B, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5-Apx-B Metadata and reporting tools, Appendix B (07/04/2009)
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5-Apx-A, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5-Apx-A Metadata and reporting tools, Appendix A (07/04/2009)
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.5, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.5 Metadata and reporting tools (07/04/2009)
This document provides information on VOS metadata...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.4, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.4 Monitoring Tools (07/04/2009)
This document summarises the tools available for the...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.3, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.3 Port Meteorological Officers (PMOs) (07/04/2009)
At SOT-IV, the VOS Panel again reinforced the view...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.2, SOT-V-Doc-III-2.2 Report on the E-SURFMAR VOS Technical Advisory Group (07/04/2009)
This document contains the report on E-SURFMAR Voluntary...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/2.1, SOT-V-Doc- III-2.1 VOS Automation and electronic Logbook software (22/04/2009)
This document provides up to date information regarding...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc03/1.1, SOT-V-Doc- III-1.1 Report by the VOSP Chairperson (22/04/2009)
This document describes the activities undertaken by...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc02, SOT-V-Doc-II Programme of the scientific and technical workshop (28/04/2009)
This document provides for the scientific and technical...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/7.0, SOT-V-Doc-I-7 Organizational matters (08/04/2009)
This document provides for a review of the SOT Management...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/6.0, SOT-V-Doc-I-6 Programme Promotion and Information Exchange (22/04/2009)
This document provides information on programme promotion...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/5.3, SOT-V-Doc-I-5.3 WMO Integrated Global Observing Systems (WIGOS) (08/04/2009)
This document provides information on the WIGOS Pilot...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/5.2(2), SOT-V-Doc- I-5.2(2) Review of satellite data telecommunication systems (28/04/2009)
This document provides an overview of the current status...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/5.2(1), SOT-V-Doc- I-5.2(1) Telecommunication Facilities (22/04/2009)
This document includes reports by the INMARSAT, Argos,...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/5.1, SOT-V-Doc- I-5.1 JCOMMOPS and the future OPSC (08/05/2009)
This document provides for up-to-date information regarding...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/4.0, SOT-V-Doc- I-4 Report by the Task Teams (11/05/2009)
This document provides for the reports of the Chairpersons...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/3.2, SOT-V-Doc- I-3.2 Report on associated programmes (28/04/2009)
This document includes reports from associated programmes...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/3.1.4, SOT-V-Doc- I-3.1.4 Platform/Instrument metadata requirements and META-T (22/04/2009)
This document provides information on requirements...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/3.1.3, SOT-V-Doc-I-3.1.3 Rolling Review of Requirements (22/04/2009)
This document is proposing how to address non-climate...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/3.1.2,SOT-V-Doc-I-3.1.2 Use of VOS data in climate products (07/04/2009)
This document provides an overview of scientific requirements...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/3.1.1, SOT-V-Doc- I-3.1.1 Report by the Ocean Observing Panel for Climate (OOPC) (08/05/2009)
This document provides information on requirements...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.5, SOT-V-Doc-I-2.5 Report by the SOT Technical Coordinator (07/04/2009)
This document contains the reports of the former Technical...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.4, SOT-V-Doc-I-2.4 Review of action items from the fourth Session of the SOT (08/04/2009)
This document provides for a review of the action items...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.3, SOT-V-Doc- I-2.3 Report by the SOT Chairperson (07/04/2009)
This document contains a brief report by Mr Graeme...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.2, SOT-V-Doc- I-2.2 Report by the JCOMM OPA Coordinator (14/05/2009)
This document contains a report from the JCOMM Observations...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/2.1, SOT-V-Doc- I-2.1 Report by the Secretariat (28/04/2009)
This document provides information on actions taken...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_Doc01/1.2(2)-rev.1, SOT-V-Doc- I-1.2(2) REV. 1 Annotated provisional agenda, SOT-V (04/03/2009)
Annotated provisional agenda, fifth Session of the...
OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT05_01 National Reports (08/04/2009)
This document provides for information regarding the...
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc7.0(3), OCG-III/Doc. 7(3) JCOMM OPA Draft Operating Plan (11/02/2009)
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc7.0(2), OCG-III/Doc. 7(2) Issues to be raised at the intergovernmental level (11/02/2009)
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc4.3, OCG-III/Doc. 4.3 Instrument Best Practices and Standards (06/03/2009)
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc3.1(1), OCG-III/Doc. 3.1(1) Challenges and Issues for the VOS and ASAP (05/03/2009)
OPA_OCG_meeting_OCG3_Doc1.0-rev.3, OCG-III/Doc.1 rev. 3 JCOMM OCG-III Provisional Agenda (11/02/2009)
OPA_OceanSITES_meeting_OceanSITES02_01, OceanSITES DMII OceanSITES 2nd Data Management Team meeting (04/06/2008)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T23, DBCP-26-S&T-23 Proper Data Management Responsibilities to Meet the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) Requirements (28/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T22, DBCP-26-S&T-22 A “TAO” Hybrid for the Indian Ocean (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T21, DBCP-26-S&T-21 Highlights of the NOAA TAO Program’s Technology Refresh Project (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T20, DBCP-26-S&T-20 Examining the Long Term Stability of Sea Surface Temperature Measurements made by Drifting Buoys (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T19, DBCP-26-S&T-19 GHRSST Science activities and its interest in SST measurements from drifting buoys (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T18, DBCP-26-S&T-18 The Burn Release Drifter (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T17, DBCP-26-S&T-17 Partnerships for New GEOSS Applications (PANGEA) (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T16, DBCP-26-S&T-16 Scientific Results using a Decade of Data Collected by the PNBOIA Program in the South Atlantic (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T15, DBCP-26-S&T-15 Results from Drifter Comparison Study conducted in 2010 and other DAC activities (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T14, DBCP-26-S&T-14 Drogue and Transmitter Lifetime Evaluation (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T13, DBCP-26-S&T-13 Argos 3: Experiences with Drifter Data Quality and Management (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T12, DBCP-26-S&T-12 Upgrading the Argos Real-Time Antenna Network: Plans and Impacts (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T11, DBCP-26-S&T-11 The Korean Ocean Gate Array Project (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T10, DBCP-26-S&T-10 Real-time services for the provision of meteorological data (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T09, DBCP-26-S&T-09 JouBeh Technologies – an Iridium Satellite Valued Added Reseller dedicated to Environmental Data Collection (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T08, DBCP-26-S&T-08 Highlights of the NOAA TAO Program’s Technology Refresh Project (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T07, DBCP-26-S&T-07 The CMR Unmanned Ocean Vessel (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T06, DBCP-26-S&T-06 Efficient and Affordable High Volume Data Telemetry Iridium RUDICS for Ocean Observing Systems (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T05, DBCP-26-S&T-05 A Wind Profiling Platform for Offshore Wind Measurements and Assessment (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T04, DBCP-26-S&T-04 Technical Developments in 2009-2010 according to the DBCP Pilot Projects Plans (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T03, DBCP-26-S&T-03 Oceanographic Sensor Results from the Wave Glider (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T02, DBCP-26-S&T-02 Evaluations from the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) Global Drifter Program (GDP) (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T01, DBCP-26-S&T-01 Great Race: the study of tidal race using miniature drifters (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_S&T00, DBCP-26-S&T-00 Scientific and Technical Workshop, Welcome (07/10/2010)
OPA_DBCP_general_TrainingCourse_01, DBCP-CB-2007 Summary, Training Course on Buoy Programme Implementation and data Management, Ostend, Belgium, 11-15 June 2007 (24/04/2009)
Summary, Training Course on Buoy Programme Implementation...
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP26_03, DBCP-26/Nat-rpt-fmt Template and format for National Reports to DBCP (06/07/2010)
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP26_02, DBCP-26-Workshop-Prog Programme for the Scientific and Technical Workshop (21/09/2010)
Programme for the Scientific and Technical Workshop,...
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP26_01, DBCP-2010-workshop Announcement, DBCP Scientific and Technical Workshop, Oban, UK, 27 September 2010 (01/06/2010)
The Scientific and Technical Workshop preceding the...
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_WIGOS01, DBCP-WIO WIGOS The WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) (18/04/2010)
This document provides an overview of the development...
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_Template26.1, DBCP-WIO Template 26.1 Template for National perspective on buoy programme implementation (Country) (26/03/2010)
Template presentation for National perspective on buoy...
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_Template/Trainers, DBCP-WIO Template-Trainers Template for presentations (trainers) (26/03/2010)
Template of presentations for the trainers
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_Template/NatRpt, DBCP-WIO Template NatRpt Template for national reports (26/03/2010)
Template for national reports (10 minutes maximum)
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_02, DBCP-WIO Buoy programme implementation perspective
National perspective on buoy programme implementation
This is a presentation to complete by the moderator...
OPA_DBCP_general_DBCP-WIO01_01, DBCP-WIO Buoy implementation Buoy programme implementation (18/04/2010)
This presentation provides an overview of how to implement...
OPA-IG JCOMM Observations Programme Area (OPA) Implementation Goals (22/06/2011)
The Observations Programme Area (OPA) is primarily...
Draft Agenda OCG-8
JCOMM-TR-047, WMO/TD-NO.1466, IOC-NO.208, IOC Workshop Report No.208 Final report of the JCOMM Technical Workshop on Wave Measurements from Buoys (2 - 3 October 2008, New York) (06/05/2009)
New York City, USA, 2-3 October 2008
JCOMM-MR-54, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP23_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 23rd Session (16/09/2008)
JCOMM-MR-084, OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT-VI-Final-Report Ship Observations Team, 6th Session (05/12/2011)
Hobart, Australia, 11-15 April 2011
JCOMM-MR-079, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP26_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 26th session (30/03/2011)
Oban, United Kingdom, 27-30 September 2010
JCOMM-MR-077, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP25_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 25th session (05/07/2010)
Paris, France, 28 September - 1 October 2009
JCOMM-MR-063, OPA_SOT_meeting_SOT5_01 Ship Observation Team, 5th Session (30/06/2009)
Geneva, Switzerland, 18-22 May 2009
JCOMM-MR-061, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP24_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 24th session (06/02/2009)
Cape Town, South Africa, 13 to 16 October 2008
JCOMM-MR-054, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP23_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 23rd Session (16/09/2008)
Jeju, Republic of Korea, 15-19 October 2007
JCOMM-MR-042, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP22_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 22nd Session (20/10/2006)
La Jolla, USA, 16-20 October 2006
JCOMM-MR-040, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DUTW_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel Data Users and Technology Workshop (28/03/2006)
Reading, UK, 27 March 2006
JCOMM-MR-039, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP21_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 21st session (21/10/2005)
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 17-21 October 2005
JCOMM-MR-033, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP20_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 20th session (22/10/2004)
Chennai, India, 18-22 October 2004
JCOMM-MR-026, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP19_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 19th session (24/10/2003)
Angra dos Reis, 22-24 October 2003
JCOMM-MR-018, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP18_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 18th session (29/11/2002)
Trois Ilets, La Martinique, France, 14-18 October 2002
JCOMM-MR-008, OPA_DBCP_meeting_DBCP17_01 Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 17th session (26/10/2001)
Perth, Australia, 22-26 October 2001
JCOMM-4/Doc.6.3 [FINAL] Coordinated Technical Support for Observing System Programmes (JCOMMOPS) (19/04/2012)
JCOMM-4/Doc.6.2 [Final] Instruments and Methods of Observation (27/03/2012)
The final document is available in English, French,...
JCOMM MR No.127 JCOMM Regional Instrument Centre Coordination Group Meeting (30/03/2016)
GOOS-266 Observations Coordination Group (OCG) Network Attributes, Commitments and Benefits - What it means to be an OCG network (13/09/2018)
GOOS-264 GLOSS - Observing Network Specification Sheet (18/09/2019)
GOOS-263 OceanSITES - Observing Network Specification Sheet (18/09/2019)
GOOS-262 International High Frequency Radar - Observing Network Specification Sheet (18/09/2019)
GOOS-261 GO-SHIP Observing Network Specification Sheet (18/09/2019)
GOOS-260 SOOP Observing Network Specification Sheet (27/09/2019)
GOOS-258 ASAP - Observing Network Specification Sheet (18/09/2019)
GOOS-257 OceanGliders - Observing Network Specification Sheet (18/09/2019)
GOOS-256 DBCP National/Coastal Moored Buoy Networks - Observing Network Specification Sheet (18/09/2019)
GOOS-255 DBCP Global Drifter Array - Observing Network Specification Sheet (01/09/2020)
GOOS-254 International Argo Programme - Observing Network Specification Sheet (18/09/2019)
DBCP-28-doc-13-Nat-Reports National Reports (05/09/2012)
This documents provides for the reports on national...
(discontinued) WMO-TD-0957, MMROA-REPORT-43, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Digitization and Preparation of Historical Marine Data and Metadata (17/09/1997)
30 Note scientifique sur l'expédition océanographique au large du Mexique PARISUB (08/11/2010)
Survey Questionnaire to Assess Forecasting and Observing Capacities of the National Meteorological, Hydrological and Oceanographic Services to support Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems (14/02/2011)
This Survey Questionnaire has been developed by WMO...
GO-SHIP 4 Agenda (04/02/2014)
Agenda: 5th Session Global HF Radar Network
Draft Agenda OCG-8 March 2017
OCG-8 PPT Template
OCG-8 Report Template
OCG Network Attributes, Commitments and Benefits - What it means to be an OPA network - (13/09/2018)
JCOMM Observations Coordination Group (IOCG): Observing System Status (14/09/2018)
WWMIWS-1_Aug2018_METAREA_IV-USA (22/01/2019)
JCOMM Observations Coordination Group (OCG): Observing System Status (14/09/2018)
VOS Observing Network Specification Sheet (18/09/2019)
Collection of Network Specification Sheets (NSS) (18/09/2019)
List of 12 observing network specification sheets: DBCP...