JCOMM Data Management Plan

Author(s) DMCG
Summary A main goal of this DMPlan is to explain how data management can be conducted under the present structure to promote the long-term objectives of JCOMM. The plan presents a review of the various components of data management that must be considered as part of JCOMM. It makes a number of recommendations. Some of these are, in fact, underway either as formal projects in JCOMM, as an activity undertaken by one or more members, or as activities undertaken by other organizations with which JCOMM is linked. Most of the work requires coordination of activities across WMO-IOC Member / Member States participating in JCOMM. Developing this degree of cooperation will be a challenge. The national organizations of each Member / Member State have national priorities and objectives that must be met. Progress will be made by aligning these national requirements with activities at an international scale.
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Status Published on 25 Nov 2008
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