GOOS Presentations

A collection of powerpoint presentations given on behalf of GOOS, usually by representatives of the GOOS-SC. Arranged in chronological order, these presentations can be useful resources for preparation of new presentations. Any new GOOS presentations should be offered to the GOOS Secretariat for inclusion in this list.
1 A global data integrator for BioEco? (08/11/2018)
2 Essential Ocean Variables: a common focus for Sustained Global Ocean Observing (OSM 2016 Town Hall) (26/02/2016)
3 GOOS BEP data system concept (14/07/2015)
4 Lindstrom presentation to IOC Assembly-28 2015 (23/06/2015)
5 GOOS-SC-IV/2.3.2 : Ocean Biogeographic Information System and GOOS (24/05/2015)
6 JCOMM 2014 Observing System Status Update 67% (22/01/2015)
7 TWA Programme Open Ocean Summary (15/07/2013)
Brief summary of the Open Ocean theme in the Transboundary...
8 We cannot manage what we do not measure: GOOS and a Framework for Ocean Observing (21/11/2012)
9 Global Ocean Observing System for Coastal Oceanography (05/04/2012)
The Operational Oceanography of IOC Group II countries Varna,...
10 GOOS-181 : GLOSS GE XI (13/09/2010)
IOC Group of Experts on the Global Sea Level Observing...
11 5.2 Organization of the GOOS (11/06/2010)
43rd IOC Exec Council 2010
12 5.1 Research and Observations for Climate (11/06/2010)
<b>43rd</b> IOC Exec Council 2010
13 Pathways to adoption of a new equation of state for seawater (12/09/2008)
<img style="float: left; margin: 5px" src="images/meetings/seawaterpresentation.jpg">Plenary...
14 Sustaining Regional arctic and Southern Ocean Observing Systems as Legacies of the International Polar Year and Contributions to the Global Ocean Observing System (11/07/2008)
The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) has been in...
15 GOOS, IODE, JCOMM (10/06/2008)
Talk given by Keith Alverson at the Ocean Tracking...
16 TERI-FES Forum on Climate Policy Dialogue: Climate change, biodiversity & food security in marine environments (16/05/2008)
Bonn, 13-14 May 2008
17 The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) (18/03/2008)
Talk given by Keith Alverson at Ocean Sciences 2008,...
18 The State of the Ocean Climate: climate indices and their uncertainty as a measure of our ability to observe the ocean (18/03/2008)
Talk given at Ocean Sciences 2008, in Orlando FL, USA,...
19 (PPT) GOOS Intergovermental Cooperation (02/01/2008)
Presentation prepared for GEO Ministerial, Cape Town,...
20 (PPT) GOOS Exhibition Display (28/11/2007)
Scrolling power point used with the GOOS exhibit posters...
21 Keith Alverson on the IPY (YouTube) (25/10/2007)
22 report of the Joint JCOMM-GSSC-GRA ad hoc Task team (14/05/2007)
23 I-GOOS-VIII/16 : Report of the GSSC Chair (available in English, French, Spanish and Russian) (11/05/2007)
24 I-GOOS-VIII/13 : Report of the GPO Secretariat Director on Program and Budget (available in English, French, Spanish and Russian) (10/05/2007)
25 I-GOOS-VIII/8 : Report of the I-GOOS Chair on I-GOOS Activities since 2005 (available in English, French, Spanish and Russian) (11/04/2007)
26 (PPT) The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) (17/01/2007)
Presentation made by Keith Alverson, Director of the...
27 Observing the ocean and forecasting its future: The development of the Global Ocean Observing System (07/07/2004)
UN University Global Seminar, 5th Shimane Session....
28 Evolution of a Sustained Ocean Observing System (23/07/2001)
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Vol....
29 I-GOOS-VIII/8 : Report of the I-GOOS Chair
30 GRF-IV/4.2.2 : WAGOOS strategic plan and recent Australian ocean observing and application developments
This talk presents recent developments in respect to...
31 GOOS-251 : Report of the Ninth Session of the GOOS Steering Committee (GOOS-SC-9) Online Meeting (part 2, Septmeber2020)