GOOS Outreach

Outreach, Publicity, Advocacy for the GOOS programs. Press Releases.
1 Workshop on Sea Level Data Archaeology: Second Announcement (06/01/2020)
2 Workshop on Sea Level Data Archaeology: First Announcement (17/10/2019)
3 IOC Workshop Report No. 284 : Sargassum and Oil Spills Monitoring Pilot Project for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions Workshop (25/10/2018)
4 Press Release (06/06/2018)
5 Provisional Agenda (01/05/2018)
6 Concept Note
7 Working Groups Terms of Reference
8 Provisional Agenda
9 IOC of UNESCO GEO Blue Planet UNDP OECS Workshop Announcement (10/04/2018)
10 Workshop Announcement Sargassum (10/04/2018)
11 GOOS-Panel-biogeochem EOV : GOOS EOV Suspended Particulates
Submitted by Panel June 16, 2016
12 National Report Sea Level South Africa (30/09/2015)
13 GOOS News (11/04/2011)
GOOS Newsletter, 1 April 2011
14 The Costs and Benefits of Sea Watch Europe (22/10/1996)
Benefits of a global network of buoys would provide...
15 Evolution of a Sustained Ocean Observing System (23/07/2001)
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Vol....
16 GOOS Gorick Poster Explained (14/05/2010)
<img style="float:left;margin:5px;" src=""...
17 WMO-UNESCO Side Event on 9 Dec 2009 at COP15 - Summary (11/12/2009)
18 WMO-UNESCO side event at COP15 on 9 Dec (07/12/2009)
19 GOOS: Ocean Observations for Climate Change (07/12/2009)
One page handout for the COP15. Describes the importance...
20 The Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) - A Summary for Policy Makers (13/11/2009)
What is oceanography and what is a sustained long-term...
21 GOOS-179 : Summary Report on the Second Expert Workshop of WESTPAC on the Pilot Project of SEAGOOS on the Monsoon Onset Monitoring and its Social & Ecosystem Impacts (30/08/2009)
22 GRA Google Earth KML (13/11/2008)
Zip file which opens into GRAGRAF.kml and ./GRAimages/*.png Unzip...
23 Economics of Australia's sustained ocean observation system, benefits and rationale for public funding (02/10/2008)
24 IMOS: Meeting the challenge of observing the oceans for Australia (17/06/2008)
poster on IMOS
25 Keith Alverson on the IPY (YouTube) (25/10/2007)
26 Implementing the Global Ocean Observing System (18/04/2008)
27 Why GLOBEC Scientists and Fishermen both Benefit from the Global Ocean Observing System (19/03/2008)
28 Ocean Observing Flotilla Hits 3000 Mark (02/01/2008)
Seven years after the launch of the first robotic Argo...
29 Arctic Sea Ice a Record Low (02/01/2008)
Summer sea ice in the Arctic has shrunk to a record...
30 TheBlue Planet - Observations of the Global Ocean (28/11/2007)
A Chapter of The Full Picture, published for the GEO...
31 Why the World needs a Global Ocean Observing System (28/11/2007)
A Chapter of The Full Picture, published for the GEO...
32 Applications of remote sensing in Fisheries and Aquaculture (28/11/2007)
A Chapter of The Full Picture, published for the GEO...
33 Argo - AGlobal Ocean Observing System for the 21st Century (28/11/2007)
A Chapter of The Full Picture, published for the GEO...
34 The Green Ocean - Observations of Marine Biodiversity (28/11/2007)
A chapter from The Full Picture, published for the...
35 (PPT) GOOS Exhibition Display (28/11/2007)
Scrolling power point used with the GOOS exhibit posters...
36 The Slocum Mission (01/04/1989)
Henry Stommel's fantasy of a World Ocean Observing...
37 Observing the Polar Oceans during the International Polar Year and Beyond (31/10/2007)
38 GOOS Logos (12/10/2007)
Various Logo Files. PDF GIF Request permission...
39 GSSC OARI-October 2007 : Notes of 5 October 2007 teleconference (08/10/2007)
Summary of Outreach, Advocacy and the Role of Industry...
40 Watching Over the World's Oceans (03/03/2005)
<img src="images/stories/watchingnature.jpg" align=left...
41 Taking the Pulse of the Oceans (11/01/2007)
Editorial published in Science on 15 December 2006. It...
42 The Global Ocean Observing System (01/03/2005)
IGBP: Global Change Newsletter No. 61 March 2005
43 Working Group 2 Report : GOOS Funding, Outreach and Publicity, and Engaging industry in the GOOS Implementation (16/03/2007)
44 GOOS Outreach and Advocacy (16/03/2007)