GOOS Secretariat Resources

Logos, letterheads, etc for use within the GOOS Secretariat or by special permission
1 GOOS 2030 Strategy Images (high res) (16/10/2019)
2 GOOS Letterhead 2019 (13/03/2023)
<p>For use by the GOOS Secretariat or by special permission...
3 GOOS Logo Font (Alleyn) for installation (06/11/2019)
4 GOOS Logos (12/10/2007)
Various Logo Files. PDF GIF Request permission...
5 GOOS Poster file (18/10/2018)
6 GOOS Report Template (11/12/2017)
Please follow this GOOS Report as a template for new...
7 GOOS Strategy Documents Infographics (09/09/2019)
For use by GOOS secretariat only or by special permission.