[Working Documents] Data Management Programme Area

WMO-558-Marine-Climatology Marine Climatological Summaries Scheme chapter of the Manual on Marine Meteorological Services (WMO-No. 558) (01/01/2011)
<b> All changes described below are included in the...
WMO-471-Marine-Climatology Marine Climatology chapter of the Guide to Marine Meteorological Services (WMO-No. 471) (22/05/2015)
Excerpt from the Marine Climatology Section (Section...
JCOMM-MR-126, ETDMP-4 Fourth Session of the JCOMM/IODE Expert Team on Data Management Practices (01/03/2016)
JCOMM-4/Doc.7.4 [Final] WMO Information System (WIS) and Designation of Data Collection and Production Centres (DCPCS) (21/03/2012)
JCOMM-4/Doc.7.3 [Final] JCOMM Data Management Practices: Achievements and Future Priorities (21/03/2012)
JCOMM-4/Doc.7.1 [FINAL] JCOMM Data Management Programme Area: Standard Setting and Documentation (21/03/2012)
JCOMM-4/Doc.7 [Final] JCOMM Data Management Programme Area: Achievements and Future Priorities (02/04/2012)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-5, ETMC-III/Pres F-5 Needs of data and information on marine climatology: Overview and challenge (Indonesia case) (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-4, ETMC-III/Pres F-4 Analyzed data products available from NCAR that support climate research (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-3, ETMC-III/Pres F-3 Climate monitoring based on satellite data of Deutscher Wetterdienst (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-2, ETMC-III/Pres F-2 Activities and issues for wave and storm surge climatology (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresF-1, ETMC-III/Pres F-1 Future web based dissemination technologies (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresE-5, ETMC-III/Pres E-5 CMDP Marine Preservation Activities (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresE-4, ETMC-III/Pres E-4 ICOADS Archive Practices at NCAR (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresE-3, ETMC-III/Pres E-3 Status of, and linkages with ICOADS (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresE-2, ETMC-III/Pres E-2 Impact of Pirates on Indian Ocean In-Situ Wind Stress Analyses (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-8,ETMC-III/Pres D-8 Activities of Responsible Members: USA (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-7,ETMC-III/Pres D-7 Activities of Responsible Members: United Kingdom (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-6,ETMC-III/Pres D-6 Activities of Responsible Members: the Netherlands (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-5,ETMC-III/Pres D-5 Activities of Responsible Members: Japan (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-4,ETMC-III/Pres D-4 Activities of Responsible Members: Hong Kong, China (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-2,ETMC-III/Pres D-2 Activities of the Global Collecting Centres (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresD-1,ETMC-III/Pres D-1 Activities of Responsible Members: Short overview of the MCSS, and reports by India and the Russian Federation (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-5,ETMC-III/Pres C-5 Results of the ETMC GTS comparison (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-4,ETMC-III/Pres C-4 The META-T Project and related metadata activities (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-3,ETMC-III/Pres C-3 IMOS - Australian Integrated Marine Observing System (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-2,ETMC-III/Pres C-2 European activities on oceanographic data and information management: The SeaDataNet initiative (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresC-1,ETMC-III/Pres C-1 The JCOMM Pilot Project for WIGOS (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresB-2,ETMC-III/Pres B-2 Relevant Outcomes and Recommendations from OceanObs'09 (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresB-1,ETMC-III/Pres B-1 Requirements for Marine Climatological Data and Services in support of GOOS and GCOS (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresA-4,ETMC-III/Pres A-4 Introductory Remarks from the ETMC Chairperson (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresA-3,ETMC-III/Pres A-3 Introductory Remarks from the Joint WMO-IOC Secretariat for JCOMM (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresA-2,ETMC-III/Pres A-2 Introductory Remarks from the DMPA Coordinator (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_PresA-1,ETMC-III/Pres A-1 Welcome and Introductory Remarks (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres6.1.3, ETMC-III/Pres 6.1.3 Proposal for "advanced" (bias adjusted) ICOADS (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres5.4, ETMC-III/Pres 5.4 Status of Modernization Proposal (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres5.1, ETMC-III/Pres 5.1 Overview from the Task Team on Delayed Mode VOS Data (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres4.4, ETMC-III/Pres 4.4 Call sign ship masking (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres4.2, ETMC-III/Pres 4.2 BUFR and TDCs: ETMC Role (22/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres3.3, ETMC-III/Pres 3.3 Existing and potential linkages with the WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl) (19/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Pres3.2, ETMC-III/Pres 3.2 ETMC-Related Recommendations Made at OceanObs09 (22/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_INF4.0, ETMC-III/INF. 4 Preliminary time table (summary) (22/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_INF3.0, ETMC-III/INF. 3 rev. 2 Preliminary time table (22/02/2010)
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_INF2.0, ETMC-III/INF. 2 Documentation plan (13/01/2010)
Documentation plan, ETMC-III
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_INF1.0, ETMC-III/INF. 1 Information for visitors (13/01/2010)
Information for visitors, Melbourne, Australia, ETMC-III
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc7.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 7.1 Report by the Task Team on Marine-meteorological and Oceanographic Climatological Summaries (TT-MOCS) (22/01/2010)
This document provides information on the status of...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc6.5, ETMC-III/Doc. 6.5 rev. 1 joint Activities of the JCOMM Expert Team on Marine Climatology (ETMC) and the Expert Team on wind Waves and Storm surges (ETWS) (21/01/2010)
This document provides information on existing and...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc6.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 6.1 Status of, and linkages with the International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) (25/01/2010)
This document reviews the status of the International...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc5.3(2), ETMC-III/Doc. 5.3(2) rev. 1 Report by the Responsible Members (RMs) (18/01/2010)
This document contains reports by the Responsible Members...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc5.3(1), ETMC-III/Doc. 5.3(1) REPORT BY THE GLOBAL COLLECTING CENTRES (GCCs) (22/01/2010)
This document contains the report of the Global Collecting...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc5.0, ETMC-III/Doc. 5 Report by the Task Team on Delayed Mode VOS Data (TT-DMVOS) (22/01/2010)
This document contains an overview of the work and...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc4.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 4.1 rev. 1 Comparison of GTS Data Streams (18/01/2010)
This document provides information on a comparison...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc4.0, ETMC-III/Doc. 4 Data and Metadata: Operational Flow (20/01/2010)
This document provides information on issues related...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc3.3, ETMC-III/Doc. 3.3 Existing and potential linkages with the WMO Commission for Climatology (CCl) (20/01/2010)
This document provides information on existing and...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc3.2, ETMC-III/Doc. 3.2 Data management expectations from the OceanObs'09 conference (15/01/2010)
This document summarizes the results of data management...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc3.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 3.1 Review of the global Ocean Observing System (GOOS), and Global climate Observing System (GCOS) requirements for climatological data sets (21/01/2010)
This document provides information on requirements...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc2.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 2.1 Report by the ETMC Chairperson (15/01/2010)
This document contains a report by the Chairperson...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc2.0, ETMC-III/Doc. 2 Report by the Secretariat (18/01/2010)
This document provides information on the activities...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc10.1, ETMC-III/Doc. 10.1 Terms of Reference of the ETMC (18/01/2010)
This document provides information on the new Terms...
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc1.2(2), ETMC-III/Doc. 1.2(2) Annotated provisional agenda (13/01/2010)
Annotated provisional agenda, ETMC-III
DMPA_ETMC_meeting_ETMC03_Doc1.2(1), ETMC-III/Doc. 1.2(1) Provisional Agenda (13/01/2010)
Provisional Agenda, ETMC-III
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc8.1, DMCG-04-Doc-8.1 Data Management Implementation Plan - Review of content and actions (31/03/2010)
The document provides a review of the implementation...
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc7.0, DMCG-04-Doc-7.0 Collaborations of the JCOMM Data Management Programme Area with the WMO and IOC (24/03/2010)
This document provides information on existing and...
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc6.0, DMCG-04-Doc-6.0 Report on Education and Training, technology transfer, and implementation support (08/04/2010)
This document provides information on the outcome of...
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc5.0, DMCG-04-Doc-5.0 Expected outcome of the second session of the ETDMP (01/04/2010)
This document provides information on the expected...
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc4.0, DMCG-04-Doc-4.0 Chairperson’s Report for the Activities of the Third ETMC Session (25/03/2010)
This document provides information on the Third Session...
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc3.2, DMCG-04-Doc-3.2 DMPA priorities from the third Session of JCOMM (24/03/2010)
This document provides information on the future priority...
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc3.1, DMCG-04-Doc-3.1 Review of action items from the third session of the DMCG (24/03/2010)
This document provides status information on action...
DMPA_DMCG_meeting_DMCG04_Doc2.0, DMCG-04-Doc-2.0 Report by the Chairperson of the Data Management Coordination Group (DMCG) (31/03/2010)
The document provides information on the activities...
DMCG-5 Fifth Session of JCOMM Data Management Coordination Group (22/02/2016)
(discontinued) WMO-TD-0957, MMROA-REPORT-43, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Digitization and Preparation of Historical Marine Data and Metadata (17/09/1997)